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About Us

ChampionChip (Hong Kong China) Limited offers the best-in-class sports timing systems MYLAPS BibTag and ChampionChip to measure, publish and analyze race results in different sporting events including swimming, triathon and different scales of running events. We are the partner of choice for professional and amateur sports organizations such as Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon.

In addition to sports timing systems, we offer a variety of value-added services to enhance the sports experience, including event planning, event registration and event management.

ChampionChip takes sports timing solutions to the next level.

2012 Latest Timing Technology - MYLAPS BibTag Timing system offers RFID timing with UHF technology. The BigTag system works with a lightweight disposable UHF timing tag, which is integrated into the bib, and modular mats.

The introduction of the bib-integrated timing tag ?V created the most excitement. It is clearly the solution the timing world has been asking for, for a long time. It allows for a more efficient registration process by significantly reducing the tag handling before a race, whilst also eliminating any post race handling. By having the tag integrated in the bib, the BibTag's simplicity requires zero instructions to runners and ultimately leads to a more accurate, reliable and complete results on race day. The new designed timing mats can also be configured to Organizers' specific needs and set up anywhere from 2m to 16m wide timelines without interruption.

- Shortened pre-race handling time
- No post-race handling
- BibTag on runner's chest (IAAF)
- High detection & accuracy
- Flexible timing mats from 2m to 16m wide




- ProChip
- ProChip
- ProChip



We provide professional and comprehensive services to race organizers including:


- Route Design
- Advice on Route Settings & Safety Measures
- Secretariat Service
- Entries Management
- Hotline Service
- Bib Production & Handling

Event Day

- Runners Packs Distribution
- Baggage Deposit / Collection System
- Crowd Management

Timing Service

- Tag / Chip matching with runners' details and bibs
- Timing System set-up and desmantling on Race Day
- Provide Instant Results for Prize Presentation
- Provide overall results after the race

Post Race Day

- Certificates Design & Production

...and more! Let's talk!

ChampionChip (Hong Kong China) Limited, with the introduction of advanced and professional timing systems since early 2003, is pleased to inform you that our timing service has been used in many different types of sporting events both in Hong Kong and Overseas including the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon and Macau Marathon.

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