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How It Works?

SIMPLICITY, EFFICIENCY and ACCURACY are the three most important factors to distance running events organizers, which is why MYLAPS BibTag is invented. MYLAPS BibTag system combines a more friendly handling process with the quality and experience of the existing ChampionChip system.

The introduction of the bib-integrated timing tag íV created the most excitement. It is clearly the solution the timing world has been asking for, for a long time. It allows for a more efficient registration process by significantly reducing the chip/tag handling before a race, while also eliminating any post race handling. By having the tag integrated in the bib, the BibTag's simplicity requires zero instructions to runners and ultimately leads to more accurate, reliable and complete results on race day. The new designed timing mats can also be configured to Organizers' specific needs and set up anywhere from 2m to 16m wide timelines without interruption.

MYLAPS BibTag system was first launched in NYC Marathon in 2010 and collected race data including runner identification and lap times for over 40,000 runners. It created a big buzz among timers and race directors.

Download MYLAPS BibTag broucher(.pdf, 3mb)


MYLAPS BibTag system offers RFID timing with UHF technology. It works with a lightweight disposable UHF timing tag which is integrated into the bib and modular mats which could be configured to Organizers' specific needs and set up anywhere from 2m to 16m wide timelines without interruption.

All the runners have to do is attach the bib to their chests as usual. After the race, runners can take the BibTags home, or dispose as same way as usual waste.

- Shortened pre-race handling time
- No post-race handling
- BibTag on runner's chest (IAAF)
- High detection & accuracy
- Flexible timing mats from 2m to 16m wide

1. What's the difference between MYLAPS BibTag and ChampionChip timing systems?

The latest timing product MYLAPS BibTag is specialized for mass events. The light-weight timing tag is integrated into the Bib (Number Cloth) which is attached on runner's chest, MYLAPS BibTag not only minimizes the amount of pre-race and post-race duties for organizers, but also significantly reduces the risk of human errors.

Known to all athletes, ChampionChip has been the pioneer of active sports timing worldwide in the last two decades. Attached to the athletes' foot, the weatherproof timing chips can also be used in Swimming and Triathon events.

2. What is the function of the MYLAPS BibTag timing system?

MYLAPS BibTag Timing System will be used to provide Official and Personal Times. Results will be based on the Official Times (Gun Times) in accordance with IAAF Standards. Each runner will be provided with a disposable Timing BibTag for timing purposes which will be attached at the back of their Bibs.

3. Under what situations BibTags cannot be detected?

Incorrect use and wrong positioning of BibTags:

- BibTags fall off from the Bibs

- BibTags have been folded

- Purposely damaging the BibTags before the race

- Did not step on the Mats set up at Start / Split / Finish location(s)

- Use of Tags are not supplied by MYLAPS BibTag Official Timers

4. Do wet weather conditions cause problems for signal detection?

We have tested the BibTag System under different weather conditions. Rain, mist and sweat do not affect the quality of the signal detection.

5. What should I not do when using a BibTag during an event?

Do not step on the Mats set up at Start / Split / Finish locations before the Start.

6. Can I switch BibTags with another participant?

No. Since the BibTag with your personal information has already been attached onto the back of your Bib prior to the race, you cannot switch your BibTag nor the Bib with another participant or both could be disqualified.

7. Can I keep the BibTag and not return it to the organizer after the race?

Yes. No returning is required for the BibTag as well as the Bib, but that cannot be used for other races.

8. Can you explain Chip(Net) Time versus Official Time?

Official Time / Gun Time: The time from the sound of the starter's signal to the time when the runner crosses the finish line.

Net Time / Chip Time : The time from when the runner crosses the starting mats at the start line, to the time when the runner crosses the finishing mats. It is for personal reference only.

ChampionChip (Hong Kong China) Limited, with the introduction of advanced and professional timing systems since early 2003, is pleased to inform you that our timing service has been used in many different types of sporting events both in Hong Kong and Overseas including the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon and Macau Marathon.

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